How To Make A Stenciled Key Holder With A Farmhouse-Inspired Design

It’s the little things that turn a house into a home. Something small like a Welcome sign displayed in the entryway or a cute key holder by the coat rack can be enough to set a welcoming mood. You can actually combine these two things.

What we need

– Wood board – small wood box – hot glue – scissors – paint brush – sponge – spot glaze – white acrylic paint – wood glue – artificial flowers – hooks – wall hanger – stencil

Let's make Stenciled Key Holder With A Farmhouse-Inspired Design


Apply a glaze finish to the board: Use the oil spot glaze to cover the entire surface of the board. Start with the front and go over the edges as well.

Apply glaze to the wooden box: The little box that you’ll be attaching to the board is also made of wood so go ahead and apply the same glaze finish to it as well.


Paint the “welcome” onto the board: Take some time to figure out exactly how you want the stencil to be positioned so the “welcome” is nicely centered to the right of the little wooden box. Mark where the box will go if it helps.


Add the birds: This stencil also had these cute little birds sitting on a branch just above the welcome sign. However, not all of them could fit on this board without overlapping with the wooden box.


Screw in the hooks: Next, once the paint is dry, take the three little screw-in hooks and decide where you want to place them.


Glue the little flowers on the board: It’s then time to add some of the little details, like the artificial flowers. Put a little dab of glue on the back of each one and then press them gently onto the board so they stick in place.


Add the wall hangers: The finishing touch is to add the wall hangers. These one have adhesive and just need to be attached to the back side of the board.


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