A New Way To Add Detailing To A Wall, Wood Trim With X’s

Adding wood detailing to a space is big right now. And for good reason, it adds a visual to a space, is more creative then a pictures on a wall, and warms up any room with the addition of the wood.

Materials needed for this wood trim project: laser leveler chalk line painter’s tape measuring tape dark blue paint wood trim miter saw white paint compressed cardboard nail gun table saw wood putty

How to add decorative wood trim to a wall

Step 1: Position the laser leveler

I placed the level on a stool, and played around with height difference by adding and taking away books until the laser line was at my desired point. Then made sure both sides were level.

Using a chalk line, attaching one side to the corner of the wall, having my trusty assistant hold the other end. Lining up the chalk line directly on top of the laser.

Step 2: Line up the chalk line above the laser line

Then pull the string back, not too far. But enough to make the chalk line have enough oomph to leave a dark red line.

Step 3: Mark two lines at the top and the bottom

To determine how many X’s I should put on the wall. I measured the length of the wall where the feature is going to go. Then divided that number by any number. To see how many x’s you need.

Step 4: Add painter’s tape along the lines and divide it into sections

Once the number and the desired size was determined I laid out my measuring tape. Marking every 10 and 1/4 time. Marking where each x should be. Again, this is needed to make sure all X’s are the same size across the board.

Step 5: Outline the X’s with more painter’s tape

I applied the paint using a small roller, this allowed me enough control of the roller to keep it within the taped up area. I ran it along the whole area. Being sure to go over the x’s as well. 

Step 6: Paint the wall

While that was drying it was time to cut the wall trim that will be used to frame the feature. The type and style of the trim is personal. I chose one that is 1 inch thick and 3 inches wide.

Step 7: Cut the wood trim

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