How To Make Wooden Coasters Decorated With Resin

If you’ve never done resin crafts before this would be the perfect project to start with. These resin coasters are really easy to make and they look absolutely gorgeous.

What we need

– wood slices – part resin mixture – green and blue acrylic paints – wood popsicle stick – plastic cups – silver glitter

Let's make Wooden Coasters Decorated With Resin


Mix the resin and the hardener in a cup: First, pour 1 measure of resin into one of the plastic cups, then pour 1 measure of hardener on top of that. This is the classic 2-part resin mixture that is usually used for a lot of DIY projects and crafts.

Divide the mixture between two cups: The next step is to pour half of the resin mixture you’ve just made into a different cup. Basically divide the mixture in two and try to make the portions even if possible.


Put a bit of green paint into one of the cups: Take a little bit of green acrylic paint with the tip of the popsicle stick and mix it with the resin in one of the cups. Make sure you mix it in well so color all the resin and to have consistent color.


Put some light blue paint into the other cup: Repeat the same process and put a bit of blue acrylic paint into the other cup. Mix it with the resin just like you did before until the color is nice and even.


Put some glitter into the blue mixture: It’s then time to add a bit of glitter. Take some of the silver glitter you’ve prepared for this project and pour it into the light blue resin cup.


Pour the colored resin onto the wood slices: Now that the resin mixtures are prepared and ready to go, take your wood slices. Pour some of the green resin mixture onto one of the wood slices, then pour some of the light blue mixture on top of that.


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