What is Hydraulic Cement Used For?

By Katie Barton, June 23, 2023

Hydraulic cement is a common material used in the construction industry. It’s a type of cement that works like mortar – it creates a waterproof seal and sets incredibly fast. Contractors commonly use it for crack repair in basements and foundations.

Hydraulic cement comes in powder. To use it, simply mix in water until you’ve reached the desired consistency. But since this product has a working time of just 3-10 minutes, you should only mix small batches so that you can use it within three minutes.

You can apply hydraulic cement mix to seal leaks and cracks in the following: – Basements – Foundations – Swimming pools – Cisterns – Joints of water pipes – Dams – Sewers – Foundation wall – Basement waterproofing – Masonry walls – Culverts – Water tanks – Underwater structures

Pros of hydraulic cement: – Creates a waterproof seal – Dries in minutes – Available anywhere – You only need water to mix

Cons of hydraulic cement: – Short, 10-minute or less workability – Not suitable for large projects

Is hydraulic cement stronger than normal cement?