How To Make An Easy Wall Hanging With Yarn Tassels

Want something to put on your wall, perhaps to fill an empty space or to add more color and texture to the room? Try a wall hanging and make it yourself.

What we need

– yarns – embroidery thread – scissors – branch – cardboard – wooden beads – needle – needle threader

Let's make Easy Wall Hanging With Yarn


We used yarn in three different colors for this wall hanging: The green and pink is for the tassels and the beige is for the filler. When making this you should start with the filler.

Knot the yarn onto the branch: Next, take the pieces of yarn you’ve prepared earlier and knot them onto a small branch. The branch doesn’t need to be perfectly straight or thick so just look for one in your yard or around the house.


Cut off the excess yarn: When you’re done attaching all the yarn pieces to the branch, lay them all flat on a surface and use your scissors to cut off the excess at the bottom.


Make a tassel: Making tassels is super easy and only requires some yarn and a piece of cardboard. You could even do this without the cardboard and just use your hand instead.


Repeat and make more different-colored tassels:  Now that you know how to make tassels go ahead and make a few more. We already made a green one so we make a pink tassel next.


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