Types of Kitchen Sinks

By Rachel Brown, 29 April, 2023

An undermount kitchen sink is installed below the level of the countertop. This mounting style minimizes visible distraction and works well for simple and modern kitchen styles.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Drop-in kitchen sinks, also called self rimming or top mount sinks, feature a visible rim above the counter.

Drop-in Kitchen Sink

This sink, also called an apron front sink, has a wide flat or rounded front side that is visible from the front of the cabinets.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

A vessel sink is one that sits on top of the countertops. Some vessel sinks sit on top of the counter while others are recessed.

Vessel Kitchen Sink

They can feature two basins separated by a ridge the height of the edges of the sink.

Double Basin Kitchen Sink

Acrylic sinks are made from hard plastics that fabricators mold into various designs.

Acrylic Kitchen Sink

It is hard to beat the beauty and timeless appeal of a natural stone kitchen sink. These include materials like marble, soapstone, and granite.

Natural Stone Kitchen Sink