Clever Tin Can Crafts – Double-Tiered Stand/ Organizer

We’re going to show you how you can make a nice and also useful tin can stand/ organizer. It’s something that you can use for small things like hair ties and clips, jewelry, desk accessories and so on.

What we need

– 2 sizes of tins – wooden rod – door knobs – silk ribbon – spot glaze – bonding power – creme acrylic paint – hot glue gun – scissors – paint brush

Let's make Tin Can Double-Tiered Stand


Coat the tin cans in bonding power: You should apply a coat of bonding power which will ensure that that paint sticks onto the metal and doesn’t immediately slip off.

Stain the rod and knobs: There’s a bit more prepping that needs to be done at this point and it involves the wooden rod and the little knobs. These need to be stained so go ahead and apply a coat of spot glaze.


Paint the tin cans: It’s then time to paint the cans. Use your paint brush and the creme-colored acrylic paint to cover up the exterior of both tin cans.


Decorate the large tin can with ribbon: Take some of the ribbon you prepared for this project and wrap it around the can on the outside to get an idea of how much you’re going to need.


Repeat the process for the small can: Now that you know how this is done, repeat the same process for the smaller tin can. Cut out a piece of ribbon, then glue it around the outside.



Glue the four knobs onto the bottom of the big can: The four little knobs that you’ve prepared are going to become cute support legs for the large tin can. Before you glue them in place you can first measure and mark four spots using a pencil.

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