The Worst Type of Flooring for Kitchens, According to Interior Designers

Water flooding and spills will get trapped under the carpet and between the subfloor causing a mold problem you don’t want”

Carpet is a Big No-No

Courtney Wollersheim

When a drink is spilled on a laminate floor and not cleaned in a timely manner, the floor’s core will absorb the moisture, causing warping, buckling, and, ultimately, a wavy-looking floor.

Laminate Floors Can Warp When Exposed to Moisture

“Wood, though visually appealing, can be a bit high maintenance in the kitchen. It’s prone to scratches, water damage, and stains, making it a high-maintenance choice for this high-traffic area."

Hardwoods Aren’t Always a Good Choice

Alice Moszczynski

“The worst type is obviously carpeting, but also marble is not ideal because it can scratch so easily.”

Marble is Prone to Scratches

Rotem Eylor

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What's a Better Flooring Alternative?