DIY Square Wood Pumpkins

Making creative and unique fall projects is an enjoyable way to decorate your home. I created these square pumpkins, which are a funky and different option for fall.

What we need

- One 4×4 - Orange paint - Paintbrush - Painter’s tape - Round stickers - Green twine or rope - Scrap wood - Hot glue - Sandpaper

Let's make DIY Square Wood Pumpkins


Cut pieces: You don’t need a large number of supplies to create these whimsical pumpkins. Take your 4×4 and cut it down to the desired height of your pumpkins.

Sand: Once I had my three pieces cut, I sanded down the edges just enough to slightly round the corners.


Add dots: I applied the round dot stickers to one wood piece, applying them randomly all around the pumpkin. When adding polka dots to something, you want a fun and full look, but no lines or patterns.


Tape:  I made two different line patterns on the other two pieces of wood using painter’s tape. The key to using painter’s tape is to firmly smooth the tape onto the surface.


Paint: Once all three pieces were decorated the way I wanted, it was time to paint! I chose a bright orange color. Make sure that you paint up and down, going with the grain of the wood. I only needed to do one coat.


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