Turn A Rake Into A Wine Glass Holder

I love shabby chic and rustic decor! I especially enjoy decorating with discarded and thrifted items. Today I’m going to show you how to turn an old rake head into an attractive, functional wine glass holder.

What we need

– Metal rake head – Gold Glaze – Washcloth – Spray on sealer – Burlap fabric – Glue gun or needle and thread

Let's Turn A Rake Into A Wine Glass Holder


Remove the rake head from the handle. If you have an old rake you will need to unscrew or cut off the rake head. Clean the rake head well with soap and water.

Use a soft brush to randomly brush on the gold glaze. Brush a bit of glaze on one section of the rake head, then wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.


Spray the rake head with a clear sealant to protect the gold glazed finish and to keep the gold highlights from flaking off.


Cut a piece of burlap to fit the handle of the rake head.


Use hot glue to attach the burlap to the handle. Glue the edges on the top of the handle down, and cover the end by gluing a decorative brooch on top.


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