DIY Paper Pinwheels for New Year’s Eve Party

Ring in your New Year with a festive handmade backdrop for your party. These paper pinwheels in various metallics are a great way to add a little glam on a tight budget.

What we need

– Card stock in various colors  – Mini stapler – Scissors – Yarn – Scoring board and stick – Tape 

Let's make DIY Paper Pinwheels for New Year’s Eve Party


Layout your paper on your scoring board. For this specific pinwheel we turned out paper horizontally and scored at every 3/4 of an inch (0.75″).

Fold your paper back and forth in an accordion fold at the lines where you scored the paper. Try to keep your folds as straight as possible.


Cut off the last small piece (that wasn’t quite 3/4″) of the paper.


Push the folds down and pinch in the middle of the folds.


Fold the paper in half where you pinched the folds and then pull the inner folds up towards each other. Two piece from the each side should lay flat against each other.


Staple these pieces of paper in place to create a 180 degree accordion half circle.


Repeat steps 1-6 to create another 180 degree half circle. This will complete your other side.


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