Super Simple DIY Drawer Organizer Made From Scratch

This cute cardboard organizer is really cool because it can be customized in lots of different ways and fits easily in a drawer.

What we need

– cardboard – pencil – ruler – scissors – patterned paper – glue stick – decor tape/ washi tape – regular tape

Let's make DIY Drawer Organizer


Measure the cut the bottom panel: The first step is to make the bottom panel of the box. Use the ruler and the pencil to create the outline, then cut it out using scissors.

Measure and cut a piece of paper that matches this cardboard panel: The next thing you need to do is to repeat the same process we described before to cut out a piece of patterned paper. 


Glue the paper onto the cardboard: Now that you have two matching pieces, one made of cardboard and one made of paper, go ahead and glue them together.


Measure and cut 4 side panels: Go ahead and cut out 4 rectangular pieces of cardboard making sure the length matches the length of the bottom piece. These will later have to be attached together so they need to have matching dimensions.


Tape the bottom and side panels together: Place one rectangular cardboard panel along each side of the square bottom piece you’ve made earlier. Then one by one go ahead and tape these together on the side that isn’t covered with decorative paper.


Cover the side panels with decorative paper: First of all, prepare four pieces of decorative paper just wide enough to match the side panels of the box. Then glue them onto these cardboard panels to cover them completely on both sides.


Lift up the side panels and secure the corners with decorative tape: Lift up the side panels to form a 90 degree angle when they meet and secure them with tape. Now your box should start to take shape.


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