How To Make A Crafting Table – Saw Horse Type

The 34″ height is the perfect counter stool or standing height, and I love the juxtaposition of the smooth lacquered top and the unfinished wood saw horses. Not to mention you can build it in an hour once you’ve gathered all your materials!

What we need

- 2 unfinished Home Depot Saw Horses - 1 pre-made IKEA Linnmon tabletop - Four 3-1/4″ screws - Hand saw - Measuring tape - Pencil - Electric drill

Let's make This Crafting Table


Prepare the legs: Use a hand saw to cut all the horizontal pieces of the saw horses down 6″ before following the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble them.

Measure and predrill: Measure 6″ from each end of the saw horses and predrill holes for the screws. You’ll drill 4 holes total, 2 holes on each saw horse.


Tabletop: Turn the tabletop upside down, so the underside is facing upward and find the midpoint of the short side. Measure and mark 9″ inward from the short end. This is the mark that you’ll center your sawhorses on. Repeat with other end of the top.


Parallel:  Set up the saw horses parallel to one another, so the tops of the saw horses are roughly 38″ apart. Center the tabletop on them. Attach the saw horses to the top by drilling the screws into the saw horses’ pre-drilled holes.


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