DIY Mini Hanging Planter for Succulents And Cacti

Hanging planters are one of the best things ever. Not only do they look really cool but this is also a great way to give them all the natural sunlight they need without having to sacrifice precious space on your counter, shelves and so on.

What we need

– metal hoop – small pot – macrame yarn – twine string – paint brush – scissors – hot glue gun – light green acrylic paint

Let's make this DIY Mini Hanging Planter


Paint the pot:  Prep your acrylic paint and the paintbrush and focus your attention on the flower pot. Paint its exterior and the bottom as well and leave the interior as it is but be sure to paint the rim at the very top.

Wrap yarn around the hoop: If you want to you could leave the metal hoop exposed or paint it in order to change its appearance but we chose to cover it all in macrame yarn to give it a nice texture.


Cut a piece of twine string and hang the pot: You need to cut out a piece of twine string long enough so you can then attach it to the pot on either side and hang it from the hoop.


Wrap twine string around the outer rim of the pot: Take some more twine string and use it to decorate the outside rim of the tiny pot. Wrap it around the pot and use hot glue to secure the ends and to make sure the string stays in place.


Suspend the pot from the hoop: Take your little pot and hang it from the hoop. Secure the twine string hanger by tying a knot and making a cute little bow at the top of the hoop.


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