Quick DIY Mason Jars And Twine Fall Centerpieces

There’s lots of beautiful flowers all year round that can be used to fill vases with. Here’s how you can make some fall mason jar crafts that look cute and charming.

What we need

– glass jars – twine – metal washers 

Let's make DIY Mason Jars And Twine Fall Centerpiece


Wrap some twine around the center of the jar: I began by holding the end of the twine down in the center of the jar, and pressing the hot glue gun down onto it.And beware, hot glue guns are hot.

Thread the washer through the twine: Once you have the desired amount of twine wrapped around the jar. Confirm you have stopped in the center of the front of the jar. Where the circular washer will end up.


Secure the washer with more twine: Hold the washer down while you wrap the remaining twine around the jar bringing it to the front on the other side of the washer. Making the washer nice and tight in the center of the jar. Bring the leftover twine to the back.


Secure the end of the twine with glue: If all is secure and where you want it, use your hot glue gun and glue the end of the twine to the back of the jar. Try not to go overboard on this glue job because it will not be covered up by twine.


Repeat as many times as you want: Just repeat those steps as many times as you have jars. Add some sticks or leaves in the washer to add more detailing. Get a beautiful little fall leaf and set it in the washer. Then it is the best accessory to a rustic.


Fill the jars with beautiful fall flowers: The possibilities to utilize the washers to hold things are endless. These turned out so great, them standing alone without any flowers on a shelf would be a great addition to a space.


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