DIY Mason Jar Centerpiece With Flowers And Cute Ribbons

The project that we’re proposing this time is a cute Mason jar centerpiece. The tutorial below will explain how to paint Mason jars and how to turn them into beautiful decorations in no time.

What we need

– wood box – Mason jar – lace ribbon – jute ribbon – paintbrush – green, 2 shades of blue, yellow, black, pink acrylic paint – hot glue gun – scissors

Let's make Mason Jar Centerpiece With Flowers And Cute Ribbons


How to paint mason jars: The project starts with the painting of the Mason jar. Notice that you need to paint the interior of the jar and not the exterior. This way the outside will keep looking shiny.

Sketch a cute design on the box: Next it’s time to focus on the little wooden box that you’ll be placing the jar in. Decide which side of the box you want to be the front and then use a pencil to lightly sketch a design on it.


Paint a few cute flowers and details: Of course, just the “home” would be too simple and wouldn’t really add a lot to the design of this centerpiece. So go ahead and add more details to your little box. We decided to paint a few little flowers at the top.


Measure and cut some jute ribbon to decorate the mouth of the jar: It’s time to shift the focus back on the Mason jar. Take a piece of jute ribbon and fold it in half to make it thinner, then wrap it around the mouth of the jar and cut it to size.


Glue the ribbon onto the jar: Take your hot glue gun and apply thin lines of glue along the rim of the jar around the outside. Then press the folded ribbon onto the glue making sure both layers stick to it.


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