12 Outdated Interior Design Trends That Everyone is Ready to See Go

Designers and homeowners are beginning to seek out warmer and more colorful palettes.

All Gray Color Palettes

This style translates well as mass produced furniture, so this market and look became oversaturated.

All Mid-Century Modern

In recent years, when people are spending more time at home, there has been a greater need for defined spaces due to privacy

Open-Concept Floor Plans

The current trend is to mix and layer furniture to create dynamic and adaptable spaces.

Matching Furniture Sets

While white spaces look fantastic on Instagram and gorgeous in some iterations, they are difficult to maintain. They can also look sterile and uninviting

Stark White Spaces

More layered, textured rooms with a sense of coziness and warmth are in high demand.

Overly Modern or Minimalistic

Dining benches, while suitable for a variety of design styles and easily stored, were never truly practical or comfortable for sitting.

Dining Benches

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