DIY Industrial Towel Rack With Oak Shelf

I created a towel rack and shelf using galvanized pipes. This industrial look is really popular at the moment, and also really easy to recreate in your home.

The Materials:

galvanized pipes 8 two-inch pipes 2 circular plates 2 T-shaped pipes two 1.5 inch pipes 2 pipe plugs 2 eight-inch pipes one coupling to join the two long pipes together 6 inch by 4 feet long oak board

How to make a DIY Industrial Towel Rack With Oak Shelf

Cut the Board to Length and Prime for Staining

I cut the board down to 23 inches, just under two feet. This was the perfect size for the space needed for me.

The board is sanded and ready to be stained. The sanding was gentle and not a lot. Just enough to allow the stain to adhere to the wood.

Before staining begins be sure to wear gloves. This stains anything, including skin. Also do not stain it where you will be upset is stain gets on the surface. It does drip, so don’t do it inside or on anything you don’t mind getting stained too.

Staining the Board

I prefer the darker contrast of the wood with black pipes for that industrial look to our pipe wall shelf. I simply spray the paint a few inches away from the pipes. Not getting too close or going too fast. 

Paint your Pipes (optional)

Now time to build this rack. The pipes are really simple to connect. It is as simple as screwing them into each other using the already there grooves.

Connecting the Pipes

Tracing the pipes, making sure they are situated evenly and symmetrical on the board. This is the exact location this will all be. So once the holes are drilled the shelf will be set in that way.

Drill Holes for Pipes to go through Wood

Using a drill with a hole drill bit. Using the one that is 1/2 inch in diameter to match the pipes. Secure the board and push the drill down in, slowly but surely it will get done.

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