How to Stain and Seal a Redwood Deck So It Lasts Forever

Whether your wood deck is brand new or it’s ready for a maintenance staining and sealing, you will want to take the time to stain and seal it properly.

This not only makes the deck more beautiful  (an important effect, since it’s a definite value to your home), but it will make the deck last longer and wear better.

In short, doing a good job in staining and sealing a redwood deck is an asset to your yard and to the quality of your life. Just make sure to use the right deck stain and sealer, and have some patience. Here, I’ll show you how!

Step One: Clean Your Deck

Begin by sweeping your deck floor thoroughly. If it is significantly dirty, wash it. Although, if you saturate the wood with washing it, you’ll need to wait several days/weeks (depending on humidity and temperatures) for the wood to dry.

Take some 150- or 180-grit sandpaper. This is in between medium and fine sandpaper (120- and 220-grit are more common for wood projects) and does a nice job of not just smoothing the wood but also opening up the wood’s “pores” and preparing it for absorbing stain.

Step Two: Choosing Sandpaper

These are technically optional, but kneepads are highly recommended for this project, as you will spend some quality time on your hands and knees.

Step Three: Wear Knee Pads

Use a screwdriver or another long, slim object to remove any pebbles or sticks that have fallen between the cracks of your deck floor. You want the wood surface to be clean and clear for maximum stain absorption.

Step Four: Remove Any Rocks and Sticks

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