How To Use Pressed Flowers To Make Gorgeous Wooden Coasters

I never knew what to do with the pressed flowers. After all this time a sudden wave of creativity came and I found a really nice use for dried pressed flowers: custom coasters.

What we need

– wood slices – pressed flowers – creme acrylic paint – decoupage glue – paint brush

Let's make Make Gorgeous Wooden Coasters using Pressed Flowers


Paint the center of the wood slice: The very first thing you need to do is paint the center of the wood slice using acrylic paint. In this case, we chose a light and neutral color because we wanted the flowers to stand out.

Apply a coat of glue: Once the acrylic paint has dried go ahead and apply a coat of decoupage glue on top of it. This is to prep the surface of the coaster for all the beautiful pressed flowers that are to come.


Put a cute flower in the center: Now it’s time to actually add the pressed flowers. Pick one that you think would look good in the center of the coaster and gently put it in place. Then dip your paintbrush in more decoupage glue and cover it up with a nice layer.


Add 4 smaller flowers around it: Now that you have a flower set in the middle of your coaster you can go ahead and add four more flowers around it. These can be smaller and in a different color.


Cover each little flower with a layer of decoupage glue once you’ve placed it on the coaster.


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