How to Plant a Professional – Looking Hanging Flower Basket

Did you know that there’s an easy way to achieve the gorgeous look of a professional hanging flower basket without the hefty price tag? There is! It just takes a few weeks of planning ahead

Materials needed:

– Wetting Agents – Fertilizers – Clays – Polymers – Flower starts  – Hanging basket with holes on the sides – Potting mix

Hanging flowers pots – step by step guide

Step One: Prep Your Flowers

Have your flower starts ready to go. This example shows a combination of petunias – cascade blue (the darker purple blooms; the flower world tends to label purple as “blue”) and wave purple (the fuchsia blooms).

Have your plastic hanging basket ready to go as well. We recommend this kind, with holes on the sides, in whatever gallon size fits your space.

Step Two: Grab Your Basket

Lastly, have your potting mix ready to go. Great soil medium is imperative in the success of a hanging basket, and you’ll want to choose potting mix rather than potting soil for a few reasons.

Step Three:  Get the Best Soil Ready

Pour some potting mix into a bucket, wet it down, and stir it. It should be wet enough to be sticky, but not quite mud.

Step Four: Fill Bucket

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