Woodworking For Beginners: How To Make A Rustic Hanging Planter

Eager to try your hand at woodworking? We have the perfect idea: a hanging planter. It’s quite easy to put together and at the end of it all you’ll have something that’s both useful and pretty.

What we need

- Wood slats - Handsaw - Wood board - Wood glue - Spot glaze - Green acrylic paint - Paint brush - Rope - Scissors - Hot glue gun

Let's make Rustic Hanging Planter


Cut the slats into small pieces: You basically need two wood slats for this project, one that’s square and one that’s thinner and rectangular but of course that’s not necessarily a rule set in stone.

Paint the wood pieces: Once they’re all cut to size, go ahead and paint all these wood pieces. Just make sure you paint all the pieces and you cover all the sides. 


Stain the board: In this step you need to apply a layer of spot glaze onto the board to give it a nice finish. Go with whatever color or finish you prefer. 


Make 2 frame rectangles using wood pieces and glue: Combine them into sets of four ad glue them together to make a rectangular frame. You’ll need to make two of these and they should have matching proportions and dimensions. 


Secure the frames onto the board: Let the glue dry and set for a bit then take the two rectangular frames and position them onto the base board. Then connect them with two additional green pieces of wood and the bottom so it all starts to look like a frame.


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