How to Declutter the Kitchen So It’s More Functional and Easy to Use

There comes a point in probably every kitchen’s existence that requires a significant deep clean.

In my experience, the words “declutter” and “deep clean” are practically synonymous, although decluttering is probably more involved because you’re not simply cleaning; rather, you are strategizing and organizing and improving functionality along with cleaning.

I’ll show you how to declutter and organize a cupboard using kitchen cabinet organizers and some time.

Step One: Pick a Cupboard to Start With

The kitchen cupboard that will be decluttered for this article is this hardest working of cupboards: the keeper of the lunch supplies and the after-school snacks.

One obvious thing that requires decluttering is the amassing of plastic storage bags and snacks. A pretzel in a Ziploc here, some graham crackers in a baggie there. The items literally slide down on top of each other, when in reality they shouldn’t even be in the cupboard to begin with.

Step Two: Removing Garbage

With everything out of the cupboard, it’s mandatory that you clean the interior. Vacuum out the particularly crumbly cupboards, and wipe them down with hot, soapy water.

Step Three: Cleaning Your Kitchen Cupboard

You can buy kitchen cabinet organizers, but I went ahead and made mine for now.

Step Four: Cabinet Organizers

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