How to Declutter a Closet Effectively and Efficiently to Improve Your Mental Health

Messy closet? Messy brain? If you feel stuck and depressed for no reason, you might need to think about decluttering your life.

Sometimes, this type of thing is best tackled with something tangible, like with a closet.

Not only does the mental process of removing the old, considering the important, and restocking the useful prove effective in the physical space we inhabit, it can also be a very helpful exercise that extends to the other areas of our lives. So here’s a brief tutorial on how to declutter a closet.

Step One: Planning Your Closet Use

The first step in decluttering is to carefully consider the real purpose of the space you are decluttering. 

After you’ve carefully determined the purpose of your closet to be decluttered, it’s time to take action. Remove every item from the closet. Every single one, even if it’s a pain. Because you may be surprised at what you find, even if you think you know exactly what’s in there.

Step Two: Remove and Purge Everything from the Closet

As you remove everything from your closet, place like objects with like. Keep a space for recycling (if you do that in your area), trash, and donating. Everything else should be grouped together.

Step Three: Sort Clutter into Pile

With the closet emptied, it’s a perfect time to clean the thing. Vacuum, dust, scrub, do all the things you need to do to create a sparkling foundation for your restocked items. Don’t forget to scrub the walls and the far-back corners.

Step Four: Cleaning the Empty Closet

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