Simple Heart-Shaped Nail String Art Perfect For Beginner DIYers

If you’ve never done any string art before this would be a great project to start with. The heart shape is simple, you can make the stencil yourself and the project as a whole is very beginner-friendly.

What we need

– wood board – grey and beige acrylic paint – paint brush – stud – hanger – embroidery thread – pencil – hammer – scissors – tape

Let's make Simple Heart-Shaped Nail String Art


Paint the board: First things first, go ahead and prep the board. Use beige acrylic paint to paint the front and all the edges. You might need to apply two coats of paint to get perfect coverage.

Measure and mark a striped pattern on the board: Measure the board and decide how many stripes you want to make based on how thick you want them to be.


Tape off the stripes: In order to get this striped pattern you’ll need to cover some of the areas on the board with painter’s tape. Cover the sections that you want to keep the beige color and leave the rest exposed.


Paint the stripes: Once the tape is in place, take the light blue acrylic paint and apply a coat or two on the exposed sections of the board.


Remove the tape: When you’re done painting the stripes go ahead and peel off the tape. It’s probably best to do this before the paint starts to dry because you don’t want it to chip away or to look messy.


Make a paper template and ammer the nails along the outline.


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