DIY Glitter Wine Glasses For New Year’s Eve

If your wine glasses, are not looking as festive as they could, then today’s DIY is just for you! In today’s project, I will be showing you how to make your own set of glitter wine glasses!

What we need

– Wine Glass – Glitter – Decoupage Glue – Foam Brush – Clear Acrylic Spray – Masking Tap

Let's make Glitter Wine Glasses For New Year’s Eve


Grab your wine glass and tape off a small part of the glass stem. Then apply a generous amount of decoupage glue to the glass stem. Finally, sprinkle on your glitter until the glass stem is covered.

Now grab your clear acrylic spray and spray your glittered wine glass stem. When your wine glass stem has been sprayed, set it aside to dry.


Keep repeating this step with your other wine glasses. Once all your wine glasses have been decorated and sprayed, you’re ready to use them!


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