18 Farmhouse Pantry Door Ideas

Sliding Pantry Door

Sliding doors are wonderful for creating an unaffected farmhouse style.

Double “X” Paneled  Pantry Door

If vertical paneling is not rustic enough for you, try a farmhouse style pantry door with a barn door style.

Farmhouse Pantry Screen Door

Nothing says relaxation quite like a screen door.

Pocket Farmhouse Pantry Door

Pocket doors, like barn doors, slide open rather than open into the room.

Dutch Farmhouse Pantry Door

A Dutch door is a style that is split in a horizontal direction in the middle. This allows you to open either the top or bottom section independent of the other section.

Farmhouse Bi-fold Pantry Doors

For reach-in pantries, bifold doors are a way to limit the space that double doors take up when open.

Built-in Farmhouse Pantry Doors

One of the best ways to elevate the style of your kitchen is with built-in custom cabinetry.

Farmhouse Pantry Cabinet Doors

Consider specialty cabinet options like sliding cabinet pantry doors.

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