How To Make A Simple Paper Flower Bouquet From Scratch

Flower papers in particular have a certain charm that’s difficult to resist. The best part is anyone can learn how to make paper flower bouquets.

What we need

– patterned paper – pencil – pin – silk ribbon – vase – pinking shears – polyester sphere – scissors – hot glue gun

Let's make A Simple Paper Flower Bouquet


Trace circles on the paper:  Lay the paper flat on your table and trace circles on it using a pencil. You can use a glass as your template. 

Cut out the circles and trim them:  Use your regular scissors to cut out all the paper circles, then use and pinking shears to give them a trim.


Shape the flowers using the pencil: Position the pencil in the middle of a paper circle (the flat/eraser end) and then fold the paper around it. Gently press the paper with your fingers and form the petals until the paper retains this shape.


Glue the flower onto the styrofoam ball: Prep your hot glue gun, put a little dab of glue onto the styrofoam ball, then gently press your first paper flower on that spot. Keep it there for a few seconds until the glue starts to harden.


Repeat until your cover the ball in flowers: Now that you know how to make the paper flowers and how to attach them to the styrofoam ball, repeat this process until you cover the entire surface of the ball in flowers.


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