DIY Wall Art Using Thumbtacks – A Stylish Love Sign

This is a super simple decoration made with thumbtacks of all things. We’ll show you exactly how it was made so you can craft your own if you want to.

What we need

– Wood board – pink acrylic paint – paintbrush – pencil – thumbtacks – hammer

Let's make DIY Wall Art Using Thumbtacks


Paint the board: Use a paintbrush to paint the whole wooden board. You can first paint the entire center and leave the edges for later to make sure everything looks nice and clean.

Lightly sketch the love sign at the center: Use a pencil to lightly sketch the work “Love” at the center of the board. You can use whatever font you like. Cursive letters would suit this design quite nicely.


Add thumbtacks on top of the letters: The next step is to push the thumbtacks in place along the design that you’ve just sketched. Start from the top of the L and finish with the E.


Sketch the pattern at the top and bottom: Once all the letters are outlined with the thumbtacks, it’s time to sketch the rest of the design using a pencil. We chose a simple chevron line for the top. andbottom of the board.


Outline the top with thumbtacks: Just like you did before, push more thumbtacks into the board to outline the stripes at the top and the bottom. Start from the top left and follow the pencil line all the way to the right.


Repeat for the bottom part: Repeat this whole process for the bottom section and add another set of thumbtacks in a pattern that mimics the one at the top.


Add the finishing touches: All that’s now left is to add a few finishing touches. We chose to add five more thumbtacks, two at the top and three at the bottom in the little gaps at the center of the triangles.


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