Rustic DIY Pencil Holder – A Beginner Woodworking Project

I decided to create a wooden pencil holder that would allow function, organization, and visual appeal. Try to encourage my kids creativity, allowing an art table to be there for them when inspiration strikes.

What we need

– 4×4 piece of wood – Miter saw – hand drill – wood bore – sandpaper – lacquer – paintbrush

Let's make Rustic DIY Pencil Holder


Measure and mark where the holes should go: Take a long 4×4 wood. It is a great and bulky square, perfect for little crayons to fit in getting a 6×6 would be more visually appealing..

Drill the holes : Taking the standard drill and setting it in the center of my marks, I push down with the end of the wood bore.This turns slowly and drills into the wood.


Sand the wood and apply the lacquer:  Set the piece you are working with on something other than paper. The lacquer is sticky and will have the paper stick to the piece. I used a metal sheet I had in my garage, no sticking.


Fill it with crayons:  I added my kid’s crayons and colored pencils and it was done. I was able to have it hold 100 crayons and 30 colored pencils. A big amount for such a streamlined piece.


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