DIY New Year’s Eve Decorations: Glitter, Shimmer, and Shine

In this story, we’ll show how to DIY some of the simplest glittery New Year’s Eve celebration decorations, so you can save your time and energy for enjoying the festivities.

What we need

– Clear contact paper – Print-out of new year’s numbers – Razor blade or Xacto knife – Mod podge + foam brush – Glitter – Cutting board – Four candles

Let's make New Year’s Eve Decorations


Begin by stapling your contact paper directly above your printed out digits. Make sure the clear part (not the paper backing) is facing upward when you staple this.

Lay out a cutting board (or scrap piece of smooth plywood). Place your stapled papers on top of this cutting board.


Grab your razor blade, and begin carefully cutting out the contact paper, guided by the printed out numbers underneath.


After you’ve cut it out, set the number aside and move onto the next one until you’ve cut out all four numbers. Carefully peel the backing off the contact paper.


Dip your foam brush into mod podge and get ready to brush it onto the side of your candle. Make sure you have some paper or something underneath your workspace.


Working quickly, shake the glitter over and over your mod podged area. You want the glitter to be super thick, because this is what will showcase your numbers the best.


As soon as you’ve covered the entire candle in glitter, before the mod podge dries, it’s time to remove the contact paper number. Use the tip of your razor blade to raise an edge of the contact paper.


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