DIY Map String Art With An Industrial Vibe

Looking for a unique handmade gift idea? Or perhaps you’re in need of some great DIY wall art ideas for your home. Either way, this DIY map string art with an industrial vibe is sure to get you inspired!

What we need

- Plywood cut to desired size - Paint - Minwax Polycrylic - Cotton string - Butcher paper or newspaper - Heavy duty wall mount

Let's make DIY Map String Art


Draw your map: Grab a piece of butcher paper, cut to the size of your plywood, and a map of your string art subject. Using the grid system, draw the outline of your map on the butcher paper.

Prepare your plywood: With your plywood cut to the size you want, sand the front surface down. To achieve an industrial or rustic look, don’t worry about being too precious– sand the rough edges just enough to keep slivers at bay, but that’s about all.


Add industrial touches (optional): Paint a stripe or add some paint splatters to the front of your plywood to give it a roughened, industrial vibe. Some paint on the end of a stirring stick, for example, is a perfect vehicle for making a few discreet splatters, if you want.


Seal the plywood (optional):  Slather a coat of Minwax Polycrylic onto the plywood to give it a nice, finished look. Let the sealing coat dry.


Position map onto plywood: When sealing coat has dried, grab your butcher paper map, a hammer, your nails, a bit of painter’s tape, and your plywood. It’s time to have some fun! Loosely tape a few corners of your butcher paper map onto the plywood


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