Super Simple DIY Kids Bean Bag Chair

Kids need leisure and “down” time just as much as they need stimulation and exercise, which makes this super simple DIY kids bean bag chair a must-do.

What we need

– Two  pieces of   upholstery fabric – One  22” zipper – One 3.5 cubes bag 

Let's Make Super Simple DIY Kids Bean Bag Chair


Lay out fabric right sides together: You can choose two pieces of fabric that are the same, or you can choose to contrast the two pieces. It’s recommended that you choose an upholstery weight fabric for the best results and durability.

Cut fabric to size:  Each piece should be 32” x 45”. Prepare to sew both of the 45” sides together.


Sew the longer (45”) raw edges together: Make sure the right sides of the fabric are touching each other (facing in), and use a fairly small straight stitch at 5/8” seam line down both 45” sides.


Lay out and fold the fabric: Fold fabric  hot dog-style, so that your two 45” seams touch each other.


Round the corners: Beginning at the fold, cut a slow arc in your fabric toward the seam lines, aiming for a total of about 6” width off the seam edge.


Sew the curved edge closed: Using the same methods that you used previously (such as small stitch size at 5/8”, with a single or double seam, and zigzagged raw edge), sew the curved edge closed.


Prepare for the zipper:  At this point, you should only have one opening on your piece; the other three ends should be sewn together. Lay your fabric down on a flat surface.


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