DIY Wall Jewelry Holder

There are plenty of jewelry holders. But I wanted a large one that could fit on a wall. So, I did what any frequent DIY person would do. Created one!

What we need

– 4 wood boards – Miter saw – white spray paint – Masonite  – hammer – nails – wallpaper/ craft paper/ wrapping paper – small hangers or knobs

Let's make DIY Wall Jewelry Holder


Measure and cut the boards: First things first were cutting the boards down to my desired size. Once I had the four pieces cut, I nailed them together in a rectangle shape.

Put together the frame: To create the back, which would hold all of my jewelry I used a small piece of masonite.


Spray paint the frame and the boxes: I also spray painted the wood frame white. Having as sleek of a look as possible. I wanted this to feel fresh and contemporary.


Decorate the backing: Now, it is time to make this jewelry box have some personality to it. I purchased some wall paper to use as the backing of the jewelry organizer. To add some fun to the small jewelry boxes I purchased a matching gift bag.


Add the little knobs: I collected some small wood sewing spools, a few hooks, and two cabinet door knobs to use as hangers for the jewelry. So I started placing them around the box.


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