DIY Herringbone Box – A Creative Way To Add Storage And Style

When I had a baby I knew that toys would be in my home. I came up with the idea of a large wooden storage box that could fit under a couch or coffee table. But, to give it a little twist I wanted to add a herringbone design to it.

What we need

– 2 long pinewood boards – 1 square pine wood board – miter saw – air nailer – small pine wood strips – wood glue – dark walnut stain

Let's make DIY Herringbone Box


Cut the boards to size: Cut the longer boards down to two 22 inch and two 24 inch long pieces. The whole box is 7 1/2 inches tall.

Use the nail gun to make the frame: To make the corner have a snug fit I used a miter saw, set it at a 45-degree angle and cut the edges of all of the boards. The allows each corner to be flush together for a seamless corner.


Measure and cut the bottom piece: The square board needed to be cut down to a size slightly. I figured out the amount I needed to cut by placing the box on top of the base board. Tracing the inside of it.


Install the bottom piece: To guarantee that the wood would not come apart with larger nails. I cut four small triangles out and placed them in the corners of the bottom. Under the base board. I nailed the 4 triangles into the four corners on the bottom.


Prep the small wood strips: Now, I could end it here. But like I said, I wanted to make this stand out and look appealing to my home. It is time to add the herringbone detailing on the front.


Glue the wood strips onto the box: I knew there would be some cuts needed on the sides, but to get the pattern organized I laid it all down. Once all were on, I glued all of the ones down that did not need to be cut.


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