DIY Rustic Hanging Rope Shelf

Add something extra to an empty corner or wall with this hanging rope shelf. Perfect for renters or those that like to change up their decor often and get tired of putting holes in the wall!

What we need

- Drill - 5/8 inch drill bit - Thick rope- Round stickers - Heavy duty scissors - Clamps - Paint - Paintbrush - 2 rectangular pieces of plywood

Let's make DIY Rustic Hanging Rope Shelf


Preparing the shelf: Start by prepping your wood. The 2 pieces of plywood that you use should be equal in size. You can cut them down yourself with a table saw or have them cut down for you at the hardware store.

Attach wood: Stack the two pieces of wood on top of each other and use your clamps to clamp them together.


Make holes: Once you have clamped your wood into place, use your drill with a drill bit large enough to accommodate the width of the rope that you are using to make a hole in each corner.


Painting process:  Once your holes are finished, paint the edges of the wood a bright and fun color. This part is totally optional and you can get creative here.


Cutting the rope: Next cut 4 pieces of rope equal size. This measurement will depend on your ceiling height and how far apart you want the shelves so determine this first before cutting.


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