DIY Geometric Straw Prisms – Fast & Easy Modern Christmas Tree Ornaments

These super simple DIY geometric straw prisms are not only fast to make, but they give such a fresh, contemporary vibe to the seasonal décor that you’re bound to love.

What we need

– Thin drinking straws  – Heavy duty thread or fishing line – Large yarn needle  – Scissors – Ruler

Let's make DIY Geometric Straw Prisms


Cut Your Straws Into Smaller Lengths: Begin by cutting your straws into 2” lengths. The more precise and even these are, the happier you’re going to be with your geometric prism when it comes together.

Thread Your Straws Onto the Fishing Line: String four straw lengths onto your fishing line, about 4”-6” away from the end of the line. You don’t need to knot the end of the fishing line for this.


Create a Diamond Shape with Your Straws: Tie a square knot (right-over-left, left-over-right) so the four straws form a sort of diamond shape.


Add Two More Straw Lengths: Thread two more straw lengths onto your fishing line and push them near the top knot.


Create the Third Prism Edge: Secure the fishing line to the bottom corner of the straw diamond. Don’t worry about trying to create the geometric shape at this point at all.


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