Cute DIY Framed Cork Board Made From Scratch

It’s easy to make and it’s the perfect blend of looks and functionality. There’s also lots of interesting and original ways in which this project can be customized so keep an open mind and use your creativity.

What we need

- Wood picture frame - Knife - Creme, grey and pastel pink acrylic paints - Paint brush - Hot glue gun - Wine corks

Let's make DIY Framed Cork Board


Remove the backing: First things first, prep the picture frame. Take out the backing and set it aside. Be careful not to damage it because you’ll need to put it back on later. 

Paint the frame: As mentioned in the beginning, you’ll need some acrylic paints in a few different colors for this project. One of them is used to paint the frame. We chose the creme-colored acrylic paint for this.


Paint the backing: There’s no need to paint it on both sides. Only the side which is going to be visible from the front. Use the same paint color that you used for the frame for a simple and cohesive look. 


Cut the corks in half: Use a knife to cut each one in half lengthwise. Use a cutting board or a cork mat to ensure that you don’t damage your worktable as you do this. Try to be as precise as possible and to make clean cuts. 


Paint the half corks: After you’ve cut each cork in half, take those pieces and paint them. There’s no need to paint the flat side since that won’t be visible but make sure you cover all the other sides thoroughly. 


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