DIY Framed Chalkboard With Clay Ornaments

This framed chalkboard will surely put a smile on your and anyone else’s face. Crafting it is quite easy and only requires a few materials that shouldn’t be too difficult to get.

What we need

– wood frame – chalkboard paint – green and gold   acrylic paint – air dry clay – paintbrush – scissors – twine string – chalk – tiny bucket – silicone mold

Let's make DIY Framed Chalkboard With Clay Ornaments

Remove the backing from the frame: First you’ll need to remove the backing. Flip the frame over and you should be able to remove it without any issues.


Paint the backing: You only need to paint the side that you’ll be seeing from the front once the backing is installed back on so leave the back side as it is. You’ll probably need to apply two or three coats of paint to get good coverage.


Paint the rest of the frame: For this step you’ll be using the acrylic paint that you’ve prepared earlier. It can be in any color so get creative.


Shape some clay into three corner mouldings: It’s now time to focus on the ornaments. Take out the air dry clay and use the silicone mould to make three small corner ornaments. The ones we’ve chosen look similar to the traditional ceiling mouldings.


Paint the clay ornaments: After you’ve trimmed the clay ornaments and they’re dry and ready to go, go ahead and paint them. You can use the same acrylic paint that you’ve used for the frame.


Wrap some twine around one side of the frame: Make sure the paint is dry before you do this. Take some twine and wrap it a few times around one side of the frame. Then tie a knot on the back of the frame and cut off the excess string.


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