DIY Farmhouse Wall Decor – Super Easy And Cheap To Craft

All you need in order to transform a space from just a simple house into a cozy home is some spare time and a bit of creativity. This DIY farmhouse wall decor project that we’re going to take a look at today is super easy and cheap to make. 

What we need

– round wood frame – yarn – paint brush – creme acrylic paint – lace ribbon – scissors – hot glue gun

Let's make DIY Farmhouse Wall Decor


Paint the frame: The first one involves the acrylic paint that you should have prepared. Go ahead and paint the wood frame using a small paintbrush.

Add some lace straight across: Take some of the lace ribbons you’ve prepared and stretch it across the frame somewhere around the center.


Wrap and glue the yarn around the frame: The third and final step of this project is to wrap some of the yarn around the frame and to use hot glue to secure it in place.


You can start from the center of the frame and make your way outwards in order to wrap the yarn perpendicular to the lace ribbon that you’ve decorated the frame with earlier.


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