DIY Crepe Paper Flowers And Leaf Branches

These green crepe paper flower leafy branches will add that special touch of greenery to any space. This simple project will take you just a few steps and is perfect for the novice DIYer!

What we need

– Green crepe paper  – Scissors – Branches – Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Let's make DIY Crepe Paper Flowers And Leaf Branches


Prepare the materials: After sourcing some branches, cut your leaves. You can use a variety of thicknesses of crepe paper as well as a variety of shades of green.

Glue process: Heat up your hot glue gun while you are cutting your leaves. Then use the glue gun to attach the leaves to the branches.


Display: Arrange your finished branches in a vase and display on a shelf or on a table as a centerpiece.


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