DIY Concrete Succulent Planter With Tiny Wooden Legs and Lace Trim

Isn’t this little succulent planter just adorable?  It looks like a miniature table with cute stubby legs and it’s made of concrete and wood. What’s cool about it is that it’s a DIY succulent planter that you can make from scratch.

What we need

- concrete mix - water - bowl - spoon - rule - black marker - pencil - handsaw - square wooden dowel Swipe Up for the full list!

Let's make DIY Concrete Succulent Planter


Measure the mark an outline on the box: You can use any empty cardboard box for this since all you need it for is to make a mold to pour the concrete into. Use a ruler to measure how tall you want the mold to be and make a mark with a sharpie.

Cut along the line: Use a pair of scissors, a box cutter or an x-acto knife to cut along the lines you’ve just made. Basically you need to cut off the bottom of the box so you can use it as a mold.


Cut out four dowel pieces: You should have a square wooden dowel ready to go for this project. Take it and use the ruler and a pencil to mark the point where you want to cut it in order to make four little legs for your succulent planter. Draw lines on all four sides.


Make the cuts: You’ll need to use your handsaw for this part. Make cuts along the pencil lines that you’ve made earlier.


Paint the tiny dowel legs: Next take your acrylic paint and paint brush and use them to make the little dowel legs look nice and colorful. Paint the four dowel pieces on all sides including one of the ends. The other one can be left exposed since it won’t be visible. 


Draw an outline of the legs in the four corners on the box: Take the painted legs and position one in each of the four corners of the cardboard box mould you’ve prepared earlier. Use a black sharpie to make an outline around them.


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