DIY Concrete Planter – How To Make And Decorate One From Scratch

Diving into the world of DIY concrete crafts and project ideas reveals a lot of interesting and creative ways in which we can take advantage of the versatility of this material.

Materials needed for a DIY concrete planter: – concrete mix – water – spoon – bowl – 2 paper cups in 2 different sizes – pink, white and green acrylic paints – paint brush – sand paper

How to craft this beautiful concrete planter

Step 1: Mix the concrete with the water in a bowl

Put your concrete mix and water in the bowl. You can use equal parts cement and water or gradually add water until you get a texture similar to that of wet sand. Mix it all well with a plastic spoon.

Take out a bit of the concrete mixture you’ve prepared with a spoon and put it inside the cup. This will end up becoming the bottom of your concrete planter so make it as thick as you want but leave enough space for the second cup to fit inside.

Step 2: Pour some of the mixture into a paper cup

Try to center it and fill it with some pebbles or something else so it doesn’t move around. Then take the remaining concrete mixture and pour it in between the two cups. This will form the actual shell or body of the planter.

Step 3: Put the smaller cup inside this one and add more concrete mixture in between the two

Allow the concrete to harden and dry overnight and then go ahead and remove the plastic cups that you used as a mold for this project.

Step 4: Remove the cups once the concrete has hardened and dried

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