DIY Concrete Kitchen Countertops:  A Step-by-Step Tutorial

By using a concrete countertop sealer over top of this concrete underlayment, you can enjoy that polished concrete countertop look without a lot of hassle at all.

Materials you’ll need to DIY a concrete countertop:

– Ardex Feather Finish concrete underlayment  – Small (2”-4”) putty knife – Mixing bucket & stick – Measuring buckets – Sandpaper: Coarse (60- or 80-grit), Fine (220-grit), and Very Fine (800-grit; optional) – Mask – Sealant  – Optional: Electric sander, wet/dry vac, paper towels, baby wipes

How to make a concrete countertop: step by step guide

Step 1: Clean Surfaces

Clean up existing kitchen countertops. It’s critical to begin with a clean, grease-free surface. Use your favorite cleaner to wipe everything down.

Sand the countertops with coarse sandpaper. Use 60- or 80-grit sandpaper to rough up your countertop. The idea is to scratch it so the concrete has something to “hold on” to. Clean and dry the countertop thoroughly after sanding before proceeding.

Step 2: Sanding the Countertop

Mix up a small amount of Ardex Feather Finish. The manufacturer’s instructions recommend a 2:1 powder-to-water ratio. This is a good place to start, and you’ll be able to tell if that’s the ratio that works for you.

Step 3: Mix your Cement

Working in small sections at a time (maybe 1’ x 1’), spread concrete over countertop surface. I found it easiest to glop down about a cup-full in the center of my square foot working space.

Step 4a: Apply to Countertop

While concrete is still moist, run a paper towel or baby wipe along the edge to clean it up a bit. Don’t worry if you miss a spot; the concrete will scrape off fairly easily even when dry.

Step 4b: Clean Up as you Go

Use your finger instead of the trowel, if necessary, to spread the concrete behind the sink. This helps to ensure smoothness and even coverage.

Step 4c:  Work Around the Sink

Keep in mind as you’re going that any irregularities or imperfections can be sanded out later on, so it’s best to just walk away after the surface is spread. Let it dry thoroughly, at least 24 hours.

Step 5: Let dry.

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