How To Build Christmas Topiary from A Tomato Cage

Decorating your home for the holiday season is part of the magic that is Christmas. Taking that decor outdoors is a perfect way to welcome guests into your home for the holidays.

What we need

– A garden tomato cage – A bucket – Two, 9-foot long artificial green garlands – Pine cones

Let's make Christmas Topiary


Wrapping garland: The first step in turning it into a Christmas topiary is to wind the garland around the frame of the tomato cage.

Next Layer: Once the first layer is done, move onto the next layer. Make sure that you push the layers closely together so that nothing shows through.


Spruce with decorations: I wanted to add just a little sparkle to my topiary, so I decided to use glittered pine cones.


I created both trees and then wedged them into the buckets, which helps keep them secure and standing upright. The buckets also add another design element.


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