DIY Button Magnets That You Can Use As Decorations

Today we’ll show you how you can very easily make pretty decorations out of buttons and magnetic tape which you can use to add a bit of charm and style to your home.

What we need

– Hot glue – buttons in different sizes – scissors – magnets – mini strass flower decor

Let's make DIY Button Magnets


Stack 3 buttons on top of each other and glue them together: You should prepare a few magnets in three different sizes and get enough of each kind so you can have them grouped in sets of three: a big one, a medium-sized one and a small one.

Glue a little flower ornament on top of the small button: The little flower decorations are meant to be added on top of the small buttons to hide the little holes in the center and to make the design just a bit more pretty and cute.


Measure and cut a piece of magnetic tape for the back of the large button: At this point the actual button decoration is done except you won’t be able to stick on the fridge or other metallic surfaces just yet.


Glue the tape onto the back of the button: Use hot glue to attach it just to make sure it won’t peel off.


Add 2 more bits of tape to make a plus sign on the back: Aim to make a plus sign on the back of the button and to create a larger area that the metal can adhere to.


Repeat the process and make more button magnets: Now that you know how it’s all done you can continue to make more of these beautiful button magnets. Take three more buttons, this time in a different color combination perhaps, glue them together and add a little flower ornament on top.


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