How To Build A Secret Hiding Place Behind Books

Sometimes shelves get bogged down with essential storage items that aren’t very visually appealing. Baskets are one way to keep things organized and neat, but aren’t always the perfect fit for the space or are lacking in color and shape.

What we need

– old books with colorful bindings  – wooden box or crate – wood glue – ruler – large quick grip clamps – saw 

Let's make A Secret Hiding Place Behind Books


How Should be: Start by placing your books in front of the box and measuring out how many you will need. Figure out which ones you want to use and in what order by playing around the arrangement.

Measurements: Once you have your books in place, measure approximately 1 inch from the spine into the book. Mark this line as this is where you will cut your books so that all the spines are the same length out from the box.


Cutting process: Cut the spines of the center books and set aside the books that are going to be used on the outside ends of the box.


Perfect cutting 2 end spines: When you are finished with the center spines, move on to the 2 end spines. The difference you will have with these is that you want to keep the face cover of the book on one and the back cover of the book on the other.


Glue: Once all your spines are cut, use wood glue to adhere them to the wooden book. Line them up so the bottom of each book is right at the bottom of the box.


Clamp:  Lastly, in order to keep everything tight and your books from falling off during the gluing process, you can chose to clamp the books and the box together.


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