DIY Barn Door – Space Saving And Creative

Every home has a problem area. My problem area is the laundry room and hallway. I decided to solve this by creating a barn door. It would solve my problems and add some style to my hallway.

What we need

– large piece of plywood – 7 ft long 3×1 boards – 7ft long 1×1 boards – Barn door hardware kit – Table saw – Air nailer – Glass – Glass cutter – Jig saw – Drill

Let's make DIY Barn Door


Cut the plywood down to size: The first step is cutting the plywood down to size. I used a table saw, measured the sides and cut it to my desired length and width.

Cut the boards to size: Next was using the long 3 inch wide and 1 inch thick boards. These are going to be on the left and right sides of the front and back. Cutting 4 down to the length of the plywood.


Glue and nail the boards onto the plywood: Use enough glue to make a line of glue along where the board will lay. Pressing down for a few seconds to make it stick. Then I have an air nailer I used in a few spots, Just to make sure all is secure.


Add the detailing to the top and bottom: The next step is to add the detailing for the bottom and the top of the door. I wanted the bottom to be a little bulkier, so that piece was cut larger using plywood. This gives a visual layered look to the door.


Measure and cut the glass: Draw a line using a white board marker, to create the cut line. This way once it is cut I can wipe away the marker line.


Cut out a hole for the window: With the glass cut I now have a template to measure and cut out the door hole for the window.


Make a frame for the window: In order to make the window as secure as possible, I needed to make a frame the glass could sit in.


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