DIY Abstract Art – Quick and Customized Modern Artwork

Can you make DIY abstract art? Of course you can! Art is a critical part of successful home décor and making a place feel like an actual home.  This tutorial will show you a fast and easy way to create modern artwork for your home or office.

What we need

- Stretched canvas - String - Tape - Spray paint - Matte finish spray

Let's make DIY Abstract Art


Tape down end of string: Flipping over your canvas, tape the end of your string securely onto the frame.

Pull string in straight line across canvas: You’ll want to pull the string tight enough so it lies flat against the canvas and so the line is straight.


Wrap string around back of canvas; repeat steps 2 & 3: This is where you let your inner artiste out. Alternate the angles, distances, and positioning of your string. Wrap tightly around and around your canvas.


Stop wrapping and tape the end of the string when done: Check the front of your canvas frequently to gauge when you feel you’re done wrapping the string. Secure the final string’s end on the back of the canvas frame with tape.


Prepare spray painting space: Position your canvas in a well-ventilated area. Gather your spray paint colors and decide on the order you want them on your artwork.


Begin spray painting: A couple of things to keep in mind for this project: (1) Spray as close to parallel to the canvas as possible, so as to keep the white space (under the string) white. (2) Spray from further away than you normally would; recommend at least 18” away. (3) Use a very very light hand in spraying so your white lines will stay true.


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