by Emily Medlock,  18 OCT 2021

11 Biggest Design Problems Solved

1. How Do I Choose A Light Fixture Size?

There isn’t a failproof way to choose the perfect light fixture size for a room. But in general, somewhere around 10-20% of the width of the room is ideal so long as the light fixture is centered in the room.

2. How Do You Spruce Up A Small Kitchen?

The best way to start is with organization as it can free up a lot of space.

3. How Do I Figure Out How Much Tile I Need For My Floor?

Find the square footage of your room first either way. Even though you may end up with an extra tile, don’t take away the gap space from the equation.

4. Why Does One Shower Work Better Than The Other?

If the shower is on an upper level and the water heater is on the lower level, this is likely.

5. Why Does My House Smell Weird?

Check your vents and under your furniture for dead animals. Then, ensure that there isn’t any mold hiding out.

6. Does Vinegar Kill Mold?

It will need to soak for an extended period if it is to work properly, and it always helps to add an agent like baking soda.

7.  How Do I Kill Ants?

There are many ways to kill ants and we have a great guide on doing so. In general, you want to either use a good ant killer or dry the ants out with something like borax or baking soda.

8. Who Pays Closing Costs?

Most of the time, the seller pays the closing costs but it is possible that buyers may pitch in if the contract states that they must.

9. What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

Most of the time, this includes your home, possibly outbuildings, and liability for injuries.

10. How Do I Measure For Window Treatments?

Blinds are standard and are just thinner than the width of the window. But curtains come in many different shapes and sizes so decide on that first.

11. What Is The Standard Size Of A Bathroom?

The most common bathroom size is 5×8, which is enough to comfortably fit the four necessary items for a full bathroom. Any less and it is a half-bath or 3/4 bath.

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